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Jim G

Good Morning everyone in Sodus. Today is the day everyone has been waiting the 1st Sodus festival featuring RHONDA & the RAGE. I know the turn out will be great. Wish i could be there but work got in the way. Everyone have a GREAT DAY, see ya down the road.  jim

Mike Garlock
Good Morning Jimmy G.,

    We will miss you Buddy, but we are gettin' a Goodman or should I say Good Woman!  Wish you were going to be here and yes we will be talkin' about ya!  Mike G.
Good Morning Jimmy G!!  Wish you were here.

Things are gearing up here at the festival grounds.

Your Good Woman and Good Man should be arriving in a new few hours!! 

Have a blessed Sunday!

Wish we were there, maybe next year
Jim G

Good Morning WHITEY & LINDA havent talked to you for a while. Take care see ya or talk to ya down the road. jim

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