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Ann A
It's our last morning in Sodus Point, NY.  Don & I have had the best vacation.  What more could anyone ask for........bluegrass friends/family!!
Mike & Brenda Garlock did and amazing job of showing us such a good time.  I think maybe the best for me was when Brenda had Don/86 at a LOSS FOR WORDS!!! ........more than once.  He has decided that they are going to take the act on the road....probably following the Martha White Bus.....Look out Rhonda.
The 1st Annual Brantling Bluegrass was a success even with the rain at the beginning.  Hats off to Mike, Lynn and Kevin.  They sure did a ton of work to make it all turn out.  We will be back next year (just a warning)!
I sure do hate the thoughts of having to leave PARADISE!
Thanks again for everything!!!!!!!!!!
We share the same thoughts Ann!  We will sure miss everyone.

And to make matters worse....Mary and I are stuck in a car with YOU KNOW WHO!!!! 

I find it hard to believe Don was at a loss for words.

He could have at least told some new jokes he learned over the weekend,
Don A.

No loss of words here Harry ... I just led them to believe I was at a loss for words.  Sometimes it's better to say nothing ... you know ... the silent treatment.   We've all had that before.

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