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Good Afternoon!

Today was a very special day as we received our White Coats for Pharmacy School in an official ceremony.  It was a real honor for me because this makes me the 4th or 5th generation of Health Care Practitioners in my family. Classes start Monday and I am ready to tackle them.

I was also very fortunate to get to have a celebratory lunch with Julia and Richard as they were passing through the area on their way home.  It's been a wonderful day!

This picture was taken on the lawn near the entrance of the pharmacy and medical schools.  What a spectacular view!!

You can check out the show at 7:30 p.m. Central Time tonight.

Listen online at http://www.krvs.org

Y'all have a great day! 

Jim G

Hi Courtney you look pretty sharp in your white coat.  That was a great view at your school. Dont be a stranger let us know how things go. Have a GREAT DAY see ya down the road.   jim



That white coat you are wearing is pretty sharp.  The only white coat I've ever known, doesn't look like that one.  I believe they call it a straight jacket or something, and they definitely fit a lot tighter.

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