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Rockin' Robin
Hey y'all!  Sorry I've been a stranger for quite some time, but I wanted to share that Rhonda is in the September issue of "The Oprah Magazine" on p. 44 in a half page spread "Belles of Bluegrass".  How cool is that? 

If someone has already posted this I apologize....I haven't been through all the recent posts!

Hope everyone is having a blessed weekend!! 
As I was walking through Walmart today, I passed the magazine rack and picked up Oprah's magazine. I quickly turned to page 44 (thanks for telling the page Robin, it made it much easier to find the one thing I was interested in in "O"). There was Miss Rhonda Vincent beside 3 other bluegrass female groups that I had never heard of. They were all labeled as different things... and of course RV was labeled as "The Queen". So congratulations Rhonda on making it into the book... there are lots of people who I'm sure read it religiously so hopefully you might get some new fans out of it

Rockin' Robin
Yeah Sami!!!  Glad I could help you pass the time in the checkout line!!
Charlie K
Here's a brief article from the Bluegrass Blog about Rhonda being in "O"http://www.thebluegrassblog.com/rhonda-and-the-big-o/ 
Good job Robin!
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