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Rhonda!!! hide the check book, Visa card, etc. etc. Lorrie Morgan has put up for sale, a  "1985 Corvette," that , belonged to her late husband Keith Whitley, he bought it off of Dottie West, the car is on e-bay, bid is up to $11,500, and get this, Lori is willing to meet with the buyer, pretty car, looks Grey in color, and good shape. Keep Herb off of e-bay.
Doug - Maryland
Dern,,, Dern,,, I looked it up and it has been "delisted"...  you are ok UNLESS it was the "phantom" buying it for "you Know who".  These things are not good on your back when driving... at least this is what I heard. 
Doug!! the  car is still there, bid is up to 12,500.00, and 23 more hours to bid on it. Lori is standing beside the car, and there are a few pictures of it on display.
Oh boy Whitey.....I wonder if I can find a way to block this from Herby's computer. 

You KNOW he would pay that, just to meet Lori!!! 

Whitey I would bid $50,000 just to meet Lorrie, and you could have the car. Unfortunately, I don't have an ebay account.

But, the Cards won and the Cubs lost again tonight, which doesn't make the day a complete loss.

I wonder if Lorrie would personally deliver it to me????? I might be able to hack into Rhonda's' acct. and make it happen.

I might be able to hack into Rhonda's' acct. and make it happen. 

Now THIS I want to watch

You are lucky to know 86 since he's a paramedic.

Good luck hacking into that account!  It sure was nice knowing you.
Robert Hall
I don't know Herbie.....that car was owned by Dottie West and Keith Whitley??...that's two former owners it had, that are dead now...it's probably haunted!!  ...and if you do buy it,you might be the third deceased owner of it when Rhonda finds out,especially if Lorrie delivers it to you personally!.......I'd pass on it !..

Lorrie is one of few female country artists I went to see probably a dozen times in the 90's,but was never able to meet after a concert,she has a very strict fan club members only backstage access rule, and you must have a pass from the fan club you have to apply for beforehand and there is only a limited amount given out,and I never had the cash to join up,I was in several others already..I didn't even get her autograph at Fan Fair the two times I saw her at her booth there,her line was so long, it was evident she'd be leaving before I got up to her table..but I did take some photos up close,and
she waved at me while I took them..

I think the last time I saw her was in '04 at the same venue I saw Terri Clark at on my birthday,that  I told about yesterday..

Forgive me if I have told this story here before,I cant remember if I did or not--..

My first time going there, was to see Lorrie Morgan in 1990,it was shortly after Keith Whitley's tragic death..I'll never forget seeing Lorrie come on the stage after a short break while the band played,and she sat on a stool,and she had put a cassette player on the floor next to her..the band stopped playing,and she pushed the "play" button,and then Keith's voice came booming over the speakers,it was the song "Til A Tear Becomes A Rose" ,that started..
....her head drooped like her neck had broken,and when her part of the duet came up,she lifted up her head,and you could see she'd been crying..then she proceeded to NAIL that song perfectly....how she found the strength to do so ,I don't know..the crowd was so silent during the whole song,you could have heard a pin drop..and we all gave her a standing ovation after the song was over that lasted several minutes,and many in the crowd had tears streaming down their cheeks..as did Lorrie....that was probably THE most emotional moment I've experienced at any concert,out of the hundred or so I've attended..that was 19 years ago,but I remember that like it was yesterday..

Hi Herb, the car is up to 13,000, something, and yes, we lost last night, what a shame, they still aren't sure what to do with the ball or bat,  I may do like Whitey, watch the game with one eye open and  and one eye shut, lol, maybe tonight.  
 Linda still a cub fan
That is one NICE vehicle! I would love to cruise around in that bad boy!
I have seen this car on the old TNN with Lorrie driving in down a country road.  I wouldn't mind owning that one. I used to have a 1984.
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