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Oh!!  those CUBS, they are starting to give me a headache, can't sleep at night, trying to figure out , what Jim Henry is thinking!! when he gets these guys, what does he see, that no one else does ggrrrrrrr,  we have a young boy, that is a senior this year, playing baseball at our school, he just signed with Vanderbilt Univ., in Nashville, can't wait to go watch him play, and he alone plays better then "several" of the major guys on the Cubs team, I am so mad I could whip somebody. Julia I don't know about you, but, I am ready for FOOTBALL,  
Linda very disappointed cub fan. 
Ahhhh those familiar chants from Cub fans have already started..."Wait till next year, we'll get 'em then. When does football start."

Whitey/Linda, you're only 4 games out, and it's only the middle of August. Of course it should be noted the Cardinals when leading by 4 games this late in the season have never lost the division, and have gone on to finish first. We call that "closing the deal."

Still 40 some games left. Anything can happen. We need those Cub fans to keep hoping. It inspires us Cardinal fans.
Football????  Who needs football when the baseball season is still going strong!  I'll start paying attention to football when baseball season ends on October 4th  Even 17 losing seasons and a team full of rookies won't dampen my enthusiasm for the Pirates, so Linda, don't lose faith in the Cubs when you're so close.

Hey Herby......there's a first time for everything
OK THANKS HERB AND JULIA, now!! lets hear it everybody sing, 'GO CUBS GO, GO CUBS GO, HEY! CHICAGO WHAT YA SAY, THE CUBS ARE GOING TO WIN TODAY,' now, lets hope they heard us, do what you are suppose to do CUBBIES, win some games PLEASE. So I can get back at Herb, i am zapping the Cardinals right now as we speak, to start losing ballgames.  
Beverly Grim

Sorry all you Cubs fans, but I'm a huge Phillies fan.  I'm sorry for your losses.

Cheer up Linda...the Pirates are coming to town.....you're guaranteed three wins this weekend!

Finally Football   But let me just say dont let Julia go with you to a Football  game



Mike Garlock
Afternoon Baseball Fans,

    My Bronx Bombers spanked Seattle last Night and I'm hoping they keep it up!  6.5 Games up on Boston just in case Jimbo Hughes hasn't been watchin'!  Mike G.
Whitey, you owe me dinner after what you're doing to my Pirates today  You can stop the torture anytime now

RHONDA has a great new CD out called "Destination Life"!

ol, lol, I have 4 of them, Whitey! loves to buy Rhonda,s
cd. Now let me suffer in peace.
Love you all Linda 
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