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Mike B

Where is everyone?

I'm here 
Charles Flanary
I'm here Mike,how's everything going?
Mike B

Mornin' Y'all!  I'm watching the hummingbirds do battle this morning.  I love those little fellows!

Mike Garlock
Good Morning Everyone,

     Another fine Morning here in NY.  Since the 3 inches of Rain on the Morning of our Rhonda Vincent Show the Weather has been just stellar!  I took the last two Weekends off for Rhonda's Show's in NY and VT, so now I have to pay the Price and work the next few Saturday-Sunday's.  Thursday Night this Week we are going to see Nothin' Fancy at Pickin' In The Pasture in Lodi, NY.  That's right near the Fingerlakes Wine Region and we drive right past our Friends Winery to get there, so we will have to stop and say hello to Cindy the Owner of Swedish Hill.  I hope everyone has a nice Weekend and I wish I could see Jimmy G. tonight in Michigan I bet that is going to be a hoot!  Mike G.
Hi all, just got home from Mich. very tired, but, a fantastic day and festival, and Mike! you would have loved it, Jim G. was a little on the nervous side, lol, he did get to rub her leg,  not sure what that had to do with the feet part, he got the shoes off ['FINALLY', it was great.
Milan put on a very good festival, we are going back next year but, only if!! you know who is there, plus her brother, lol.
 I think I win for staying up late, but, Goodmans and Sherry probably aren't home yet, longer travel for them.
Talk at you all later
 Linda (Whitey is already snoring)
Jim G

Good Morning Everyone, Arrived home around 0845 from Milan, what a great time Mary, Sherry, and I had at the festival. RHONDA and the RAGE were GREAT as always, cant wait to see them again. Thanks Milan for a great festival.

Hi Jim, Mary and Sherry, so glad we got to see you again, love you guys. Yes! what a great festival. Jim, as soon as Whitey can get his pictures to go on his photo (what ever,)  lol, I know nothing about that, lol, anyway, he has some great pictures of you, and other "GREAT" pictures of others.
 Take care and get caught up on your sleep all.
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