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Sweet Brenda & Him
Good Morning,

Check out the the Best Bluegrass Gospel on Sunday morning on the Bobcat with Sweet Brenda & Him.  http://www.bobcatcountryradio.com 7 - 10am

Email us right here on call toll free 1-800-849-4146

Have a bless day...
Mike Garlock
Good Morning S. B. & H.,

    My Brenda's out of your Range this Morning, but I'll have your Show on!  Mike G.
Sweet Brenda & Him

Good Morning Mike....Thanks for listening to us on Sunday morning

Don A.

Hi Sweet Brenda and Him, & Mike G:

Just got home from work and I've got you tuned in LOUD & clear.  I'll be listening for a while, before I head off to bed.

Thanks for playing, once again, my favorite, Bluegrass Gospel.

Sweet Brenda & Him
Good Morning Don....

Thank You, Thank You...
Julia and Richard
Hey Sweet Brenda and Calvin!  Thanks for the great Bluegrass Gospel!
Sweet Brenda & Him

You are welcome...

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