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Slaving Wife
Dear Herby (Herb Jr) has been working very hard today, along with his father Herb Sr.


Savannah P

lol! No offence or anything but ew! Of course I've never been fishing....lol


As we say here in Missouri..."Them there is some slabs"  As I was cranking my first fish in, the phone rang...booked a job, and got the fish too. Now that's multi-tasking!!!!!!



Herb!! you know what I think!! is the best thing about these pictures, "YOUR DAD, he looks great" so glad to see him up and about.  and spending valuable time with his son.
Mike Garlock
Hi Herb,

    Good looking mess of Fish yoiu guy's brought Home.  Why don't you bring your Dad to NY next Summer and we will hook him up to a 30lb. King Salmon or if you need a road trip they are killing them right NOW.  The Charter Captain's say fishing has never been so good!  Mike G.
Jim G

Hey Herb when is the FiSH FRY? Im free about anytime!


Now Herby, don't you over do it!

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