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Woke up early, could hardly sleep; thinkin' of Eddie, and the time we'll keep.
An Intimate Evening, just me and Eddie; I'm headin' to Nashville, are you ready?
Mike Garlock
Morning Rhonda,

    Anyone else I would say that was a little Corny.  Mike G.
Mike Garlock

You know I will be leaving the Golf Course asap tonight so I don't miss your Night with Eddie Stubbs!  Mike G.

Oh Mike...you KNOW how I love Corn!!!  
Mike Garlock

I love Corn too and it is still everywhere here.  I've been eating so many Peaches I'm almost Peached out.  The early Apples are ready we have been eating Early Gold's, Paula Red and they are picking Ginger Gold's today.  That's my favorite early Apple.  I will send some in a couple of Weeks when Gala's and Honey Crisp's are ready.  Mike G.

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