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Gene & Billy
Billy Yates joined the party last night at Douglas Corner.

And for a bit of trivia.....
Who can name the Rhonda Vincent song written by Billy Yates????

Wild Guesser
Hmmm...Billy Yates?...I know he wrote or co-wrote "I Dont Need No Rockin' Chair" and Choices" ,sung by George Jones,and he had a song titled "Flowers" out some years ago,but I can only guess which song Rhonda did that he wrote (not having my CD's handy so I can look at them and "cheat"!--there's no list of the songs he wrote on google either ! )
--I'd guess "Walking My Lord Up Calvary's Hill"...??????????
.I'm probably wrong though!..

Wild Guesser
Is it "Where No Cabins Fall"? 

More guesses please
Try again. 
Mike Garlock

How about "You Can't Take It With You When You Go".  Mike G.

Hmm...I've looked through all the cds, but I don't see it.  I may have overlooked it though.  I wonder what the answer is.
Robert Hall
Courtney,did you have any luck trying to find which song Rhonda did that Billy Yates wrote??...I looked at all my CD's,and on lyrics sites on the web for 56 of Rhonda's songs,and even went to Billy's website,which has a lost of his songs recorded by other artists on there,and no Rhonda Vincent one is listed!....and none of the ones he recorded match up with the titles of any of Rhonda's songs either..

--I'm beginning to wonder if Rhonda DID record a song of his??--are you teasing us Rhonda?...if she did,it must be on one of her early CD's I dont have yet-(only two or three I think!)..I'd like to know the answer to this one!!..even on the search engines,its not that easy to find out who wrote particular songs,but getting lyrics is easy for most of them..


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