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Hope you're week has started of in a positive way.

I hope to get lots of things done today!  

Good Morning Rhonda, it is raining here, and we need it! I need you to tell me, where we can get the best sweetened tea, (besides Herbs of course),that you buy, we love tea, I generally make it, but, still doesn't taste that great.
 Have a great day.  Linda 
Robert Hall
My week is starting off badly Rhonda..
...in a few hours I have to go to my uncle's calling hours..he died last Friday at 12:30 pm,after being taken off the respirator at 11 am..he had gone in for an operation to remove tumors from his kidney and stomach about 2 weeks ago,but the ended up taking the entire kidney,and couldn't do the stomach operation at the same time as they hoped..after a few days of doing fairly well,he had either a heart attack or a stroke a week ago Friday,and went into a coma,and never regained consciousness..he was 69 years old..

Hope your week goes smoothly,and you have some good weather..it's sunny here,but my mood is cloudy and gray..I've been to way too many funerals in my lifetime..

I'm going to make up a tape to give to my niece with some of your songs,like The Homecoming,and The Last Best Place,in hopes they might comfort her..she is heartbroken over losing her dad..

One good thing did happen yesterday,I actually got an inspection sticker on my plow truck--still needs a lot of parts and work to be dependable though..thanks to spending a week under it fixing the exhaust,
my back has been killing me for 3 weeks now,got sciatica in my left leg that wont quit too....

Robert! I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your Uncle.
May God be with you and your family at this sad time and comfort you as only He can do .
I hope you feel better soon.
Sending prayers up for you and the family.
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