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            Are you going to make a gospel cd and if so,........when?  I LOVE ALL YOUR MUSIC !!!   A gospel cd by you would be awesome.
Hi Teresa,

I'm working on it.

The plan is for an all gospel DVD.  We'll see how it all shakes out.

Song suggestion
How about How Great Thou Art?

A Cd would be better. Can't play a DVD in my car.

Better Suggestion

Do both like was done with "Live"!

Ralph and Ella
'' I Want to Stroll over Heaven With You ''
I would appreciate it if you would record this song in your new dvd/cd.


a live dvd would be good for another concert setting where non gospel music is included, but a cd of just gospel would be better. we could listen to the music cd anywhere we go and not be tied to a dvd player.

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