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DAD started to take a bath in his new walk-in bath tub tonight.

He was afraid.

He ask my MOM, "What if they hooked it up wrong, and it eletrocutes me?"

My MOM said, "It's okay, I'm on call tonight with the ambulance!"     :-)

Ann A

Sounds like something Don would say.  Must come from the job!
Hope your Dad liked the tub.
jimmy G

Rhonda im glad that your mom & dad got their new tube installed, Im sure that they will enjoy it.

Sweet Brenda

Your Dad sounds like my MOM.
Oh!! my word, lol, lol, that is so precious, Johnny, get in there, and enjoy it, but!!! I would probably fill the same way, lol.
I didn't really help with the wiring of the new tub.......but I was there!!!!!

Surely nothing could have gone wrong.... I think all the wire nuts were on tight... I think we did use new wire during the installation..... Can't remember if we grounded it or not.
Doug and Pat
Does this thing have an AGITATOR or work like the front loaders????

or does it just go round and round... LOL LOL ... how long is the cycle???

Hope the spin dry is GENTLE    Good luck Mr. Johnnie.  What we will do to smell good for the ladies..  

Well that clears up why Johnny was afraid of getting electrocuted!  I would be scared too if I saw Herby near anything electrical!!

madison leigh

yeah lol thats funny i could so picture my dad really old saying something like that lol!!!!!


You know, if Herby was such a loving son-in-law, he should have tried it out first!!

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