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Good Morning All, we had another fantastic day yesterday, at Springfield, Ill., what a great 2 shows Rhonda and the band put on. Enjoyed our visit with Carolyn V., Sherry, Jim and Mary G., so glad to see you again, now lets move on to Fri. for another ragen show, can't wait.  Mary! we got home around 2:30 this morn., hope you and Jim had a safe trip home.
 Your ragen friends Whitey and Linda 
 OH!! I almost forgot, Rhonda thank you from the bottom of our heart, for the song, you sang to Whitey and I "You Beat All I've Ever Seen",  it meant alot to us.
 Whitey and Linda looking at #50.
Mary G

Whitey! We had a lot farther than you to get home and we got home around 2:30 AM you must have made Linda wait forever! I think we saw at least 15 deer and one coyote. We sure enjoyed seeing everyone---it was a fabulous weekend!!!!!!!!!!! Jekyll Island will probably be our next Ragin weekend. Mary & Jim

Mom and I saw that coyote too.  Was he just sitting along side the road, waiting for the Road Runner??  
jimmy G

Rhonda i believe that i seen that roadrunner heading up the road where we seen that coyote to meet up.

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