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jimmy G

Good Morning Rhonda, Rage, and all ragers. I got home from a call-out its 3oam , mary is up on the message board, so ill probably wont be able to to back to bed. you know ill probably have to fix her breakfast. Im just worn slick from all the running and waiting on her. Everyone have a great Sunday!

Good Morning Jim!   Glad to hear you've not been wasting your time reading Herby's book....you're doing great!!!
Mike B

Good morning, y'all! 

Whitey/ Linda
Hi Jim, hate that you had to leave Mary for the electric people  what is more important your wife, or lights for millions of people? I pick Mary so call in sick the next time, love you guys, Mary so glad you are able to get around take care.  Linda and Whitey
PS Jim please take out the trash too:
Deanna B
AHHH Jim,  You poor thing working so hard then having to take care of Mary too!  She's a lucky woman.  Give her our well wishes. 

We miss you guys
Deanna and Mark
Mary G

 Are you both super tan now?

Deanna B

We got some sun allright, but Tropical Storm IDA brought rain a couple of days. Cancun was wonderful!! I wish I was back there today with this Iowa cold wind!

Good Morning...err..Afternoon! haha I just rolled outta bed.  Man do I love not having to set an alarm once in a while!

Jimmy G. you're a good man waiting on Mary hand and foot.  You must've read Ann's book!
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