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earl austin
In case anybody's wondering, we haven't fallen off the earth. Just too busy to be on computer much the past few weeks. BRATT isn't doing too well physically, mentally or emotionally the past few weeks since she had the Baclofen pump installed. Now the Home Health officials have all but mandated she sleep in a hospital bed "or else" because of pressure sores on her legs, thighs, etc & blisters on her feet (a massaging air mattress), so we've been re-configuring the house --getting rid of furniture to make room for the extra bed and me sleeping in the "guest room" and taking clothes from one room to the next & vice-versa and the like ---and her bed being in the adjacent room going out to the patio with an 8 foot doorway separating us. She's not to thrilled about that either. We both figured this day would come, just not this soon

But look at it this way--tonight when she goes to bed she get to watch her own TV and not have to see football or THE RED GREEN SHOW--though she'll probably have to hear it as the TVs are only 6 feet apart and she'll have to hear about this making it necessary for me to buy a new TV for my room--a flat screen TV hanging above the doorway -- albeit a small one

A reminder though for everyone--she does think about everybody but can't get on the computer much as she can't use her hands to type more than a few keystrokes in any one setting.

MO Mary
Earl, you can get her a headset at any good store so she can hear her own tv program.
Hey Earl,

Sorry to hear about that.  Please send the BRATT my best!  Y'all are in my prayers.

Take Care,

Julia and Richard
Hi Earl,

Give Sherri our love.  Prayers are going up for you both.
Mary G

 Thinking of you both and keeping you in my prayers. Mary G

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