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Sweet Brenda & Him
Good Sunday Morning..

Time for Bluegrass Gospel on the Bobcat with Sweet Brenda & Him. Check it out on the web  http://www.bobcatcountryradio.com 7 - 10am 

Have a great day.
Good Morning Brenda and Calvin!
Sweet Brenda & Him

Good Morning Julia....Get up Richard!!!!


We're awake bright and early this Sunday morning listening to Sweet Brenda & Him!

Sweet Brenda & Him

Good Morning Harry...

Listening in northern MO

Hey I'm having trouble with Bobcat Country.  It went off.

Jim Hughes

Good Sunday morning all.......
Just got in from working the midnight shift and want to hear some great bluegrass Gospel but, last two attempts to listen in have failed.   Are you guys having live streaming feed problems today?   I will keep trying.

I think they're also stopping the stream from crossing the border.  I'll keep trying.

Jim again...

it says in the streaming control box...   "stream unavailable  -  please try later".   Hope it is back up and running again soon.
Mike Garlock
Good Morning,

    I just came to Work from Bow Hunting and I have NO Sweet Brenda & Him.  Talk about a disappointed Sunday Morning.  Mike G.
Sweet Brenda & Him

I'm working on it. 

Sweet Brenda
They just told me it is the network.
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