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Tammy the Teacher
Marlana Vanhoose is 14 years old and was born blind. She is a christian and praises the Lord where ever she goes.  This video was shot by her mom on Thursday, Nov. 12, 2009 at Front Porch Pickin'  Watch her sing for a huge blessing.

Mary G

Please share my gratitude with her if she is your student. That girl can really sing her heart out! Thanks for sharing this Tammy.


Hey, I have gotten to see this girl perform last two Thursdays at Front Porch Pickin' and her ear for music is such a gift from God!  Even when other singers are singing you can hear her in the background from wherever she is sitting pick up the melody/timing of the song and quickly be blending right in.  She is so gifted!

Tammy the Teacher
Are you from Eastern Kentucky?
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