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sure wish you were next door.  I'm contemplating baking up homemade yeast rolls for our Thanksgiving feast tomorrow.

This is a feat usually only taken on my mother.  SHE has escaped the cold, and headed for warm weather. 

How many hours would it take to mix up dough for 25 people, let it raise, knead it out again, then bake? 

Could I somehow knead it tonight, and let it raise, knead again, then let it raise before baking tomorrow?

Kontemplating in Kirksville     

Rhonda, I have several different recipes for rolls. But this is the one that I am using for tomorrow
                         Yeast Rolls

     2 eggs beaten
      1/2 c. sugar
       2 pkg yeast ( I like the "RapidRise")
       2 sticks melted margarine or butter(I used butter)
       6c. all-purpose flour
       1 Tbsp salt
        2 c. lukewarm water

Mix sugar,yeast,& water. Set aside until yeast is activated. Mix all ingredients together, including the yeast mixture. Let rise in refrigerator overnight. Knead dough;roll out on floured surface & cut into rolls.( I kneaded & softly patted down & cut with the biscuit cutter just about a half of biscuit .place on greased pan. This way I didn't use rolling pin and didn't handle the dough that much.)handling too much can make tough.  Brush tops with melted butter. Let rise 2 hours. Bake at 400. approx. 10 min. or until golden brown. This makes approx 3 dz.

   I am making some today for a lady to get this afternoon. I am making tonight for  our dinner tomorrow. will make 2 batter (1 at a time) don't try to double. Because we are having alot of people for dinner.
  Hope this helps.
thanks Gloria.
Can you come over? 

Rhonda, be sure to space they will rise. cover with something that doesn't touch rolls.warm place. I just sat on shelf in kitchen(shop) went I bake  it get pretty warm.  Just baked the rolls. Mrs. Browning is picking up at 3:00.
 She wanted 3 dz. had 10 over. so thought I would take home for supper!  brushed tops again with melted butter......they smelled soooo good. already ate 2.... cannot eat any more.love hot bread!  with all this butter they have to be good for us!!!!yummy!   I will  make at least 2 batches of rolls for tomorrow!  I baked about 13-15 mins to brown good.  hope this helps. wish I was closer!

Whitey/ Linda
OH! Gloria, I wish you were closer too, (to me)lol, i give up on the rolls, I buy them frozen, Pillsbury dinner rolls, and they are pretty good, not like home made but, not bad.  Rhonda hope everything goes ok for you.  Is that Carolyn in Flo.? You all have a great day tomorrow we have so much to be thankful for. 
I have decided to try baking the rolls.  We bought 4 dozen as a back up, just in case mine don't turn out.  So we have LOTS of rolls in the house.

Mother is in Florida. She said it was 72 with Thunderstorms.

It is SOOO cold here in Missouri.

Just talked to Dad, and ask if I needed to bring up dinner to him.
He just got home from killing a doe.  Said he had liver cheese, and then meals on wheels brought a dinner by for him too.

I told him I would bring up a Thanksgiving Feast for him tomorrow.
He said that would be good.

I bought a rubber catfish for Steve, for his refrig. I'm gonna take it over to him; then start on tomorrow's dinner.


you will do fine on the rolls. bake as close to serving  time as you can.
  Stephanie informed me that our group  is now up to 35.   I will  make biscuits too!!!     Good for your dad. I didn't know  if he was up to hunting. Tues. evening Ralph killed another deer. this time a six point buck.  he is hunting this morning.
   Back to making dressing,graving and everything else other aren't doing.

       Rhonda, Have a great Thanksgiving!!!!!


A "roll" report.

Rhonda did make the rolls for Thanksgiving, and I think they're the type of roll that keeps on giving.....

First, they never rose. 2nd she went ahead and baked them anyway, and they were real heavy. Kinda like Ellie May Clampets rolls. I can still feeel one of them in the bottom of my stomach. Feels similar to a softball in the lower abdomen. The yeast may have finally taken, cause I think they are starting to grow!!!!!

The flavor was good. Didn't need much salt or pepper. Just more practice.
Mail them to the Cardinals to use for practice balls.
Mary G

Herb! You're as bad a tease as these 3 guys!! I bet her rolls were delicious! My guys have complained on my cooking for years but you can see how undernourished they are. (I hear them complimenting behind my back but never to my face) I do remember the first batch of rolls I tried to make about 40 years ago-you really could use them for batting practice if you didn't aim at a brick wall-if you hit the wall they would have knocked the wall down

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