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Dear Rhonda,

First of all, I just want to say that I love your music. Your band is incredible and you have a beautiful voice. I also want to say that I am happy for Hunter and Sally. Sally is wonderful young lady.

My name is Katie Williams-Crowder and I am a good friend of Hunter's. I know Hunter has a lot of good friends but I am the real deal. Hunter is the big brother I never had and I believe he is one of the greatest fiddle players in country music. With all that said, I have a request. In your next music video, will you please show pictures of the band? Of course I want to see Hunter playing but everyone should have their moment to shine.

To me music is about the heart and the heart means nothing without family. Therefore, I am just hoping to see my buddy Hunter in a music video because he is family to me and soon he will be your family.

Sincerely, Katie Williams-Crowder
Hunter and The Rage are  in the FIRST version of "I Gotta Start Somewhere".

Maybe the PREZ can post a link to that video.

I'm not sure if it's online.  But I'll bet she can find it!

This video and others by Rhonda can be seen at http://www.kvmo.net/~rhondav//rhondavincentvid.html
It had been a while since I watched those videos and I had forgotten how great they were!
Edgar looked so young in that last one. He still looks young, but especially so there.

Hey are those videos for sale somewhere, if so where can the be bought!

Videos have never been released for sale. Only shown on CMT & GAC, and now viewable online, thanks to YouTube!
Bummer!  Wish you could put all those videos together on one dvd to sell to your fans. Now that would be awsome!!  Have a wonderful turkey day !  We plan on seeing you at myrtle beach  S C  on saturday afternoon. Thanks for your reply.

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