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Linda Reath
Hi you guys I need a vote, I did a load of wash today, Whitey missed placed his car keys, he went to the washer found his keys in one of his jean pockets, he left to go to store, i was loading up the dryer and guess what?? He had left something else in his pockets, his "cell phone",  it washed up real nice, lol, but!! didn't work!! So he got a new phone out of the deal, my question! is who was wrong here, Whitey for not emptying his pockets before putting them in dirty clothes, or does the blame fall on the wife for not checking the pockets  thanks for in put, I know you will vote for me, even Herb will think I am right!!
Housewife of Cape Cod
Linda, of course you are to blame....any well trained hubby KNOWS he is supposed to do all laundry, not the wife    (that being said...My Jim is still in training after 27years.He would undoubtedly vote for Whitey to be right.I always check his & our 2 sons pockets first,they leave money in them all the time, MY rule is if I find it,I keep it )
:sneaky: 86 :angel:

The blame rests in the hands of the one doing the laundry.  Now I'm not taking sides here, but the pockets should always be checked by the one doing the laundry prior to throwing them in the washer.

Like the Housewife of Cape Cod said, if she finds money, she keeps it.

What I always do is ... find money in my wife's purse, and put it in my pants pockets before it goes into the laundry basket.  That way when she's sorting and getting ready to load the washer, she always checks the pockets, and finds a few coins and a 5 or 10 dollar bill, sometimes even a 20.  SHE THINKS SHE'S HIT THE JACKPOT.  She says she's made hundred of $$$$$$$ sorting laundry over the years, and that she really looks forward to doing the wash.  That laundry hamper barely has a chance to get full.  Works every time and has been for the past 27 years.

Have a Great Day Linda and make sure Whitey reads this!


I may or may not check all pockets before sending clothing through the washer.

Now if  I find money, it's a finder's keepers situation.

If something is left in the pockets, and gets washed, and perhaps destroyed;        then they really should have checked.  

It's the Optional Approach. 

don nz

Most definitely the female, a male should never enter a laundary under any circumstances, there are things to do in there that men are totally incapable of doing, so it`s best left to those who know best.

No matter what 86 says Linda, I do have to agree with Rhonda. 
But..... I do stand by the finder's keeper approach. 
As for the money out of my wallet......it really came from 86s' wallet and pockets prior to any laundry being done. 
I had his number almost 28 years ago.
I just let him think what he wants.....keeps him happy!!!!  

I 2nd what 86 says.....Now that is brilliant!!!!!!!

Linda Reath
 WRONG!!! I AM RIGHT!! it is a women thing, and we are   

It is his fault!


I'll Take The Blame


Blame me, it's always my fault.

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