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Jim from MA

Will all New England fans of Rhonda please either call or E-mail Showcase Live in Foxborough MA at Patroit Place and tell them you wat to see Rhonda there. It is a great new venue. We don`t get to see Rhonda much up here.

Robert Hall
I will Jim!...we ARE "Rhonda Starved" here in MA,wren't we??..

I live only 15 miles from Foxboro Stadium,it would be SO nice to be able to see Rhonda (and some of my other favorites) closer to home!..

I've heard from a few fans that went there,that said it IS a very nice venue..since my eyesight is getting poor rather rapidly,I am not sure I'll be able to drive 100+ miles to see any of the artists I love so much any more,so closer to home would be great !..

I have also sent in requests to the Indian Ranch in Webster ,to their questionaire as to who you'd like to see perform there..unfortunately they dont seem to have many female artists there,and this year I never went there once,usually at least ONE concert they have interested me,but not this year---..

I have seen many artists there like Patty Loveless,Martina Mcbride,Suzy Bogguss,Lorrie Morgan,Carlene Carter,Loretta Lynn & The Lynns ,George Jones,Julie Roberts,Chely Wright,Terri Clark,and John Anderson in the past,but there has been many years only one female artist was scheduled to perform there..so I never went!..

Another great but smaller venue I went too this summer was The Natick Performing Arts Center in Natick Ma,its about 45 miles away,and is an old firehouse converted into a performing arts center..I saw Suzy Bogguss there,and it was a good place,no "bad" seats and very intimate..I sat about 10 feet from the stage in the second row,and felt like I was in her living room watching a private performance--and I bought my ticket only hours before the show too!..I was surprised to be greeted by Suzy herself, as I was buying my ticket,and we had a nice chat!..the one thing I like most about these venues, is the artists iften meet with fans after the shows,even the "superstars" who normally do not do that,or only grant a few fan club members with special backstage access passes the priveledge to do so..plis you get "up close" seating..parking was no issue there and free as well,another thing that can be a "bummer" about going to a show here..

Another venue I like is the Washington County Fair in Wyoming Rhode Island..a small outdoor stage out under tall pines much like Indian Ranch,I have seen any artists there like Pam Tillis ,Suzy,Michelle Wright,Deborah Allen,Tammy Cochran,The Kinleys,and Holly Dunn there in years past..its about 55 miles from my town..I have many photos of me with the artists I met there after the shows,lots of great memories..

We have lost a lot of great concert venues here in New England,like the Warwick Music Theatere in RI,and the few others we still have, seem to avoid booking any "real" country or bluegrass artists ,that forces us to travel to CT,RI,NH,ME,VT,and NY to see our favorites like Rhonda..I'm no fan of big cities ,so going to Boston isn't really my idea of fun,I would prefer a long drive to a venue "out in the sticks" over going to a city like Boston or Providence..

Well,looks like it's time to see if the Showcase Live venue has a site to requst the artists we want to see!..I already told the people who book the acts at the other places I mentioned we want RHONDA to come play there!..seeing our next chance too see her is 9 months away in AUGUST at Podunk in E.Hartford CT,I am hoping we can get another show in before that--thats a LONG time to go without a "fix" of Rhonda & The Rage!..

Rhonda fan

Remember this is a Rhonda website

Robert Hall
I know this is Rhonda's message board!!...

...if I said something wrong,or its not allowed to mention another artists name here,Rhonda has my e-mail address and phone number ,and my mailing address,or she could reply here as well...
I'd appreciate it if she or Julia would tell me if its "wrong" to mention anyone else in the music business here...and it'll never happen again!!..
I didn't know I wasn't allowed to like anyone else BUT her!..or mention their names here..

I am one of Rhonda's biggest fans,and just because I mentioned I had seen other performers at the venues I listed, and have been a fan of theirs too,for many years,doesn't mean I dont think Rhonda isn't THE best !!...

I notice "Rhonda Fan" didn't have their E-mail address listed here, (no big surprise!)--so I could have responded to the post privately,instead of having to reply here--I'd have preferred not to have to post this here for all to see..My apologies to all the Ragers who might have been offended by my previous post..but I saw nothing wrong with what I posted,if I thought it was "wrong",I wouldn't have posted it in the first place..

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