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Did you have surgery today?

Maybe your favorite son can post a report.   

The Adams Family
I know I'm not favorite son......but we did have an email from
Mary G tonite and she was in a motel waiting for her surgery tomorrow (Tuesday).
Sending our love, prayers and good thoughts her way.

The Adams Family from the North   
Mary C. and Jim
Mary G.
Our thoughts and prayers will be with you tomorrow! May the surgery go well and you have a speedy recovery! You have to be ready for all that Raging in 2010!!!   Please have Jim G. keep us updated.
Mary G, I will be thinking about you and Carolyn tomorrow as y'all go through your surgeries.  Please let us know how everything goes.  I will keep both of y'all in my thoughts and prayers.
Whitey/ Linda
Hope you both, have good out come, and are up and about in no time. We will be thinking of you.
 Whitey and Linda
Mary G
Jody is the one who posts, Tob reads but I don't think he has ever posted. Jody got on the mb a few times and has called himself oldest oddest (although I don't know why) son and that's whats got you confused.

Jim & I are in Jeff City, did a bunch of pre-op stuff yesterday and surgery around 2:30 today, I'll be fine but Jim or Jod will probably post something. Jod lives in Columbia so might come down of an evening. I told the boys not to take off work. It will just be a month of therapy and work to get back up to par--I've got bluegrassing to go and do before long! Jekyll Island, Jeff City, and the Cruise here we come!       You know when it comes to Rhonda Jim will go without me if I can't go!!

One day over Thanksgiving time we weren't even talking about bluegrass and Dean said "I just got to get back to the big boat." (Sigh)  

Thanks for caring - I do enjoy being a part of this rager family!

By the way, Herby, Jim tells me its your birthday!  Happy, Happy Birthday to You and many mmmoooore!   Rhonda does the grapes and fanning come into effect today?

Mary G, you are in our thoughts and prayer. hope you have a speedy recovery.

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