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jimmy G
Update on mary, mary had surgery today a total knee replacement on her left knee. Everything went great and was feeling good.Tomorrow maybe a little rough as they will have her up and walking and the numbness goes away. I'll keep ya all posted.
Deanna B
Thanks for the update Jim.  Tell Mary we are thinking of her and 
wishing her a quick recovery. 

Deanna and Mark 
Hey Jim,

Thanks for the update on Mary.  I'm glad everything went well.  Please tell her she's in my thoughts and prayers as she recovers.  I'm looking forward to walking with her at Jekyll Island!
jimmy G
Courtney what about walking with me at Jekyll Island ?
Mary C.

Jim, thanks for the update. Glad it went well. Tell her hello.


Thanks for the update Jimmy G.  I'm sure she'll be all fixed up and ready to go by cruise time.  Tell Mary we're thinking of her!

P.S.  Jimmy, it's best if she doesn't rest too much ... a day or 2 is ok, but then it's back to cookin', cleanin', the kids, and the grandkid.  Don't want her to seize up.  So what's she cookin' you for breakfast? 

Mike Garlock
Jimmy G.,

    Tell Mary we are wishing her a great recovery and she has the best Nurse money can't buy!  Mike & Brenda
Oh Jimmy G, you know I'm always up for walking with you too!
Ann A
Jimmy G....Tell Mary that I am sending MY own loving thoughts and prayers her way.  I see my husband got on before I did,  (Boy, he gets to play on the computer  at work while I slave over a hot stove and oven.......just so he can have Christmas goodies.) and wished Mary a VERY speedy recovery, in his OWN way. 
Just let her know that in all seriousness we are thinking of her and know that you will take VERY good care of her.   
Mary...I'll have Dear Herby bring his new guitar, so he can serenade you; as he and he joins Jimmy G with the grapes and fan. 

Mary I pray your recovery goes great!

Whitey/ Linda
Hi Mary, hope you are feeling better today. So glad you came through surgery ok, take care of yourselves and I know, Jim will be right there to help you when you get home, right Jim!!!??? Remember the vows you took before family, friends, and God? through sickness and health!!   love you guys  Whitey and Linda
Mary G
Thanks everyone!
Sounds like Mom is doing well. I just talked to Dad and he said shes having a little pain but is really doing great. I didn't think they would have her up and walking so soon but she was up a few time s today.  Thanks for everyone's thoughts it is very nice and I know Mom thinks so too.
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