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John w Jones
My mother is in hospice home , yesterday she was nearly unresponsive, however I pulled my phone out and started playing Rhonda's Christmas album from last year, Mother perked up and smiled at the start of each song........we had a real nice evening listening to that album three or four times........today mother has slipped even further after being visited by many members of the family and not responding with as much as a nod or smile,I was sitting beside her bed listening to a few songs that would be appropriate for her memorial service and thought Rhonda's song "i will see you again" mother moved her hand over and barely taped my arm,said I know and smiled!  The rest of the story will play out in the next few days however these two days will remain two of the most memorial ones I have lived!

Thanks........ Rhonda for the great music !
Whitey/ Linda

John a touching story, i pray your mom will be ok.  We will pray for you and family.   Linda

Prayers going up for  your Mom and your entire family.  Thank you for sharing.
Jim Mary Goodman
John we will pray for your mom and family.

Your story just made me cry.  Thank you for sharing it with us.  Please know that all of y'all are in my thoughts and prayers.
John....our thoughts and prayers are with you.   Thank you for sharing your story.

John, we are praying for your mother and your family. Thanks for sharing the story. I know your mom is a special person and you have special memories.

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