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Mike B

Have a nice day!  Congratulations to Team Rhonda Vincent for your Grammy nomination!

Good Morning Mike and Ragers Everywhere!!!
Whitey/ Linda
Have a great day ragen ragers, and remember to smile at everyone today, it may be the only one they get.
Mike Garlock
Good Morning Everyone,

    Thanks for sending all the Rain Northeast for us to enjoy.  The Christmas Tree lighting last Night was a little wet.  Have a great day.  Mike G.
jim G
Good Morning Ya All have a great day!
Good Morning!!

I'm wearing my Rhonda Vincent t-shirt to class for the second time this semester.  I am just too excited for Rhonda and the Rage not to wear it today!

Saturday is calling for a high of 34 degrees and a 90% chance of SNOW!  I don't know if my Louisiana blood can handle that!  I might freeze to death!

Y'all have a great day!

Mike Garlock
Morning Cawtney,

    Now you know why we drive Nails!  Mike G.
Savannah P

Good morning Ragers!!! Hope everyone has a great Thursday!!!!!!

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