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Charles Flanary
Good morning Rhonda & Herby,Sally & Tensel,Johnny & Carolyn,Mickey & Crystal,Hunter,Aaron & Amy,Ben,Richard & Julia andRager friends everywhere.Just a light skift of snow and 13 degrees here and supposed to be windy today.Have a good HUMP day and stay warm and safe.
    Charles{Head of Rageland Security}

Good Morning Charles, and all ragers, Charles! aren't we glad we are not in Iowa, Jim has got it all. Take care and have a great day.  Linda


Good Morning All !!!

Deanna B
Hi Charles

Stay warm today!  We have around 10 inches of snow and it's 11 degrees here in Southern Iowa.  Thank goodness for a snowblower.  Mark is running it now.

Deanna B.
jim G.

Deanna good morning de & mark hows things going? Take care, glad you got Mark working,  same here I got Mary outside showeling snow, Dr. said she needed to exercise her leg.

Deanna B
You talk big Jim!!   I know you are taking good care of Mary.

We miss you two.

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