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Woke up to a beautiful winter wonderfulland.  Couldn't resist the chance to photograph the incredible beauty of nature.

Crooked Christmas Tree in our backyard - taken from my office window in Missouri

Morning Sunshine from our front porch.

Here's a link to all my 2009 December Photos - many of our Winter Wonerfulland.

jim G.

Rhonda your Winter pictures were beautiful. Hey how did your peanut clusters come out?  They look delicious! Are there any left?

Herb snowed in with Rhonda, dirty dishes, christmas decorations uninstalled, Rhonda`s to do list, & no Cardinals baseball on tv.              
 Thanks Pool!!!   That just made my day
I went up to Mom & Dad's house on Monday night, and took white chips and pretzel balls.  They worked really well. The ones from earlier were a complete disaster.

AND...Mom taught me how to get the yeast to rise.  I was heating it way too much in the microwave. 

The pizza dough was nice and fluffy. Can't wait to try homemade rolls again.

Dear Herby

Well if you can't wait, go ahead and make them tomorrow.

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