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jimmy G.

Good Morning Rhonda, and ragers . Well its Winter in Iowa this morning. Probably 10-12" of snow wind blowing 25-30 miles per hour -10 below wind chill. But enough of that, Ya all have a great day!

Mike B
Good morning, Y'all!  No snow here.  Last night was a looong night.  Thunder, lightening, high winds and a couple of tornado warnings here in Alabama.  65 degree temps in the Winter usually means bad storms.
Have a nice day!
Wow!  Everyone keep safe in all of this bad weather!!
Whitey/ Linda
Good Morning All, Jim it sounds like you have got it all there!! We have rain and high winds. Hope you all have a great day, and stay warm.
Mike Garlock
Good Morning Everyone,

    The Storm Still Rages here, but it is going to get warmer today with high Winds.  We got 6 inches of Snow last Night and when it melts today it will be a mess.  Everyone try and have a great day.  Mike G.
Robert Hall
Same here Jimmy G...Snowing here too,and we have about 3" now,it's supposed to turn to rain later on, then FREEZE solid,as usual..  ..I'll have just a few hours to get it plowed and shoveled,if not,it wont be moveable by anything less than a bull dozer!..

Only good thing about today is it is Tensel's Birthday!...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TENSEL!..
Have a good day,keep warm,and enjoy it!..

Savannah P
Good morning Ragers! Well, so far no snow yet. Actually the sun is shining it's brightest today, here! It's a little bit windy but not too bad, YET. It is supposed to rain then turn to snow later today, and we also have warnings of high wind til 7:00 tonight. Hope everyone has a great and stay safe!
Well the snow came...and came...and came! Thanks to my neighbor for bringing his snow blower over to help me get vehicles out. After I got them out the mechanic for the school bus garage (right behind my my garage) plowed out an area for me to park both cars in (lol to piled the snow in front of my motorhome). So twelve days of Christmas begins with a blizzard. I guess us folks up here in Wisconsin just expect this every year
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