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Mike B

Have a great day!

Mikle Garlock
Good Morning Everyone,

    I'm up and ready to Drive the other Queen to Work in the 4 wheel drive Truck.  Winter had really shown up.  Everyone have a great day.  Mike G.
Good Morning Mike and Mike!  Keep safe on the icy roads!
Hey Mike G......
I was up and at it as well this morning to drive the other "King" to work in the 4 wheel drive truck.  Winter has hit with full force NORTH of the border.
Hope everyone has a great Thursday.
jim G.

Good Morning Ya all Stay warm have a great day. High temp today will be @ noon 10 degrees! Anyone who works out in it be careful.

Charles Flanary
Good cold morning Rhonda & Herby,Sally & Tensel,Johnny & Carolyn,Mickey & Crystal,Hunter,Aaron & Amy,Ben & Richard & Julia and Ragers everywhere.3.6 degrees on the north side of our house,in other words there's frost on the pumpkin this morning.Stay warm today.
    Charles{Head of Rageland Security}

BRRRR!!!  High in the 30s today.  Y'all stay safe and warm out there!
Good Morning All, hope you have a great day!!!!
Savannah P

Morning Ragers! Hope everyone stays  warm today!!!!!! We FINALLY got some snow last night!

Got down to 1 below last night....Brrrrrrrrrrr...sure is cold outside.

Don A.

What's going on?  Hey Herby, if you want warmer weather all you have to do is come northeast about 900 miles.  We are still wearing shorts and t-shirts here.  I noticed 99 says we were hit full force NORTH of the border ... NOT EVEN CLOSE!  I feel like I'm in the Bahamas.

Colder south of the border than it is here.

You went down to -1 F last night .... we only went down to +27 F.

I'm going to have to go really far south to get the warm weather.

Everyone have a wonderful WARM day!

Mike Garlock
Hi 99,

    Don't let the Big Guy miss one minute of Work!  It's Snowing so hard off the end of Lake Erie that the Buffalo Auto Parts Warehouse has canceled all deliveries Tonight  I have some Customers that aren't going to be happy in the Morning.  Mike G.
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