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Mike B

Have a good one!

Mike Garlock
Good Morning From Siberia,

    I'm not looking forward to ringing the Salvation Army Bell outside the Bank from 1:00-2:00.  Like every Year I will survive.  Everyone have a great Weekend and enjoy all the Christmas Parties!  Mike G.
Morning Boys!

It's 19 degrees out there this morning.  I learned something new about keeping your pipes from freezing.  My landlord told us to leave the water running slightly to keep the water flowing through the pipes so they won't freeze.  Makes sense to me.  Hate to waste water though.

Mike G, stay warm ringing that bell.  Remember what a wonderful cause it is for though and I'll bet that'll keep you warm.  What a great thing to do for others!

Final #6 this morning, and then I'm finished with my first semester of pharmacy school which is exciting!

Y'all have a great day!!

Mike Garlock
Morning Cawtney,

    What were you doing last Night?  Mike G.
 Took a study break to go see Hunter Berry and Friends at the Down Home last night. WOW! is all I can say.  It was AWESOME!

I'm hoping that momentum carries me through this Biochem test this morning....hey wait a minute, Mike G, you wanna take it for me?!  Pretty please!
Mike Garlock

    I heard you were at the Down Home last Night.  Sweet Brenda & Calvin Entertained us and our Christmas Tree in fully erect with no casualties.  I graduated College in 1977 I think if you want to stay off of Academic Watch Lists you should take the Test yourself.  Good Luck you will do just fine.  Mike G.
Good Morning Ragers!
Good Morning All, and Courtney good luck on the test, Mike G. ring those bells, solid for 1 hour OK.

Good Morning to All the ragers!!! it's cold in Morganton NC (17) this morning. But it clear. & nothing on the ground.  Busy day got alot to do today & tomorrow . we going to Pigeon Forge (sun) for a week!!! Got to eat & shop more!!! (our anniv)  Have a great day & bundle up!!!

Savannah P

Morning Ragers! It is FREEZING here! 15 degrees!!! This one reason I don't like cold wheather! It gets TOO cold! Well hope everyone has a great day and stay warm!!!!!!

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