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Sunday morning at Church. I always get there early . Our Pastor and my Sisters do as well.
We sit and chat a while before services.
Well anyway , yesterday we were having a conversation about our favorite songs and our Pastor said. On my drive here this morning I was listening to ''Rhonda Vincent'' sing ''Beautiful Star'' . That caught my attention right away .
He said, she sure can sing . My sis said, Louise just loves her to pieces.
I said '' She is my favorite singer ever.
He also said , I like Patty Loveless and I don't know which one sings it best . I said RHONDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , I am a fan of Patty's as well  though.
There's no one like Rhonda.

 Just wanted to share.


Thanks Louise!!  You made my day.....    

Robert Hall

Good Morning Louise & RHNDA!..and all the Ragers out there too!..

Yep,Rhonda not only sings "Beautiful Star" wonderfully--she IS a Beautiful Star!..

Hope everyone had a good weekend--it was sunny when I got up yesterday,but by 2 pm it was pouring out..better than snow though,and the FRIGID winds and 20 degree temps we had before then last week!..supposed to reach 50 degrees today,a virtual heat wave compared to last week--but by Wednesday its back to the icebox,with "highs" only near 20!.

Today I have to take my mom to a doctor appointment at 1 pm..she walked out the last time we went a few weeks ago when she was told 3 others were ahead of her--she hasn't gone to the doctor in probably 2 years,and she NEEDS to be looked at,I hope today she actually gets checked out!..

Despite yesterday being "Sunday the 13th",I had some decent luck for once....

A guy on craigslist was looking to trade a Fisher snowplow setup for a garden tractor,
(and I only have 6 of them!)--and since I recently got an '85 Chevy Suburban 4x4 (diesel!) for a real cheap price, because it's transmission needs work or replacing,and was thinking about getting a plow frame for it, so my pickup's plow blade would be able to be used on either truck,I e-mailed him--well,yesterday he came in a dump truck and the plow was with him,and he liked one of the tractors I had,so we made a swap!..the plow is in real nice shape and the push frame is too..

He didn't have every  part needed to make it a "complete" setup,but I can get the few other pieces I need at a local salvage yard cheap,I saw the things I need there and the owner always treats me right when I buy from him..I was pleased to get a plow & frame in such good shape ,without having to part with cash,plus get some room back in my garage!..

After I got the plow unloaded and we were loading the tractor up,he heard "Dueling Banjo's" playing on my radio,on the country oldies show,and he said "Ahhh,that's one of my favorite songs!"..I asked him if he liked Bluegrass and he said "yes,mostly the older stuff like Flatt & Scruggs and Bill Monroe"..(and he's probably younger than I am!)..

I asked if he ever heard of Rhonda,and he said "I THINK so,isn't she the one that did the song about the soldiers?"..I said yes, "God Bless The Soldier"!.. he said that song really hits him hard,and he swallowed hard,and didn't say why,but I suspect he lost a family member or a friend in the military..he said "that woman has the voice of an angel!"..

I agreed,and said her heart is as big as Texas too,and I told him the story about the car she gave me back in '05,and he was like "WOW, you hear about stars doing things like that,but I never met anyone (till now) that actually had it happen to them!..

I told him I feel very blessed to have come to know Rhonda and her music,and to have had the chance to meet her many times and experience all the joy she gives at every concert..not to mention she's a "real" down to earth person you can relate to one on one..
Rhonda really IS a "Beautiful Star"!...inside and out!..

You're very welcome Rhonda.

Hi Robert,
Glad you had some good luck.
Our temp got down to 15 one morning last week .
Today high 60.
God Bless!!!
You're right Robert,  Rhonda is a Beautiful Star.
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