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Robert Hall

I had the TV on while eating breakfast,and I heard a familiar voice,singing "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree"!!!...it was Rhonda,on the "True Country" Music Choice channel on Comcast!...They showed some lovely photos of Rhonda and some trivia facts as the song played..it felt wonderful to see her getting some airtime..did I mention I miss the Bluegrass channel they used to have??..

Too bad after today we might not HAVE cable anymore--Comcast recently dropped a bunch of channels we used to get, when they went "all digital" about a week ago,and we not only get less channels for the same cost now,we'll also have to rent additional cable boxes for our "old" tv's,and my mom cant afford that...so most likely she will probably cancel the cable altogether,she is going to call them today..
I think its awful to have to pay 60-100 bucks a month just to watch TV..we cant get many channels here with an antenna any more,so we dont have much choice,its either have cable or dont watch TV anymore..

Anyway,I was happy to hear Rhonda this morning,I hope its an omen its going to be a good day...I'm off to the junkyard to go parts hunting in the 45 degree showers,before the temps fall into the 20's for the rest of the week..hope all the Ragers have a good day !..

Good Morning Robert,

That is FANTASTIC!!!
In my house , our Beautiful Star ''Rhonda Vincent'' is singing now as I get ready to do all my chores.
Have a Blessed Day Robert. Hope your Mother got a good check up at the Doctor.
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