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Louis Gentile
Hi Rhonda
Good Morning to you Rhonda and Julia its Friday ready for weekend
big Friday on Grand Ole Opry Hank Williams Jr on 2 nd second
on http://www.wsmonline.com Xm Radio Louis
Good Morning Louis and Ragers everywhere!
jim G.

Good Morning all have a good day!

Mike B

Good morning everyone.  11 degrees here...single digits next two days.  BRRRR!!!   Y'all have a great day!

Mike Garlock

Good Morning Everyone!


Good morning Ragers!!!!! Hope everyone has a good,warm,and safe day today! (:

Morning guys and gals,

The weather must be shifting because it was supposed to be a low of 13 degrees today with a high of 26, but now they are saying it's 7 degrees outside right now and the high will be 21.  You'd think they would've figured it out by now. haha

I woke up to find out that classes are canceled today because of the snow we got last night and what we are supposed to get today.  I'm excited but also bummed out because I made 2 pots of gumbo yesterday to feed 18 people at school today.  I've gotta find a way to freeze it for Monday now.  I'm just glad I get to stay home today.
Mike Garlock
Morning Cawtney,

    You could use a little Yankee ingenuity...Put it outside!  Mike G.
Would that work though Mike? I know it'll freeze, but what I mean is are the temperatures low enough to safely keep it outside all weekend?  The highs on Saturday and Sunday are 25 and 26.  Is that cold enough? haha This Southern girl is learning.
Ok I just consulted my former Northerner expert Julia "Black Cat" Mottesheard and was given instructions on how to properly freeze the gumbo outside.

Sorry for hijacking the thread!

Y'all have a GREAT day and be safe out there!!
jim G.

Good Morning Courtney!

Mary G

We have a high today of 1 and a wind chill of -19, Brrrrr!

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