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Mike B

Time to get out the Summer clothes...expecting a high temp in the 50's tomorrow!  Have a nice day!!!

jim G.

Good Morning Mike B. Rhonda, Rage and all Ragers have a great day! Its suspose to be 30 degrees today!

I'm ready for the warmer weather!!!  

Good Morning Ragers!
Mike Garlock
Good Morning Everyone,

    They have lowered our warm up temp's to 30.  I was hoping for much warmer weather.  Everyone have a great day.  Mike G.

     Good Morning!

       Just to keep you updated, I head to surgery tomorrow morning.  Septoplasty, which has become necessary. I hope my singing voice improves after this.  As I live alone, they will keep me overnight. Hopefully, I will get along o.k., and be home the next day, recuperating.   Luckily, I have had a few people up here volunteer to get me to the hospital, etc.  Isn't it nice to know people come through when you really need them?      
Mtnflower, I'll keep you in my prayers for your surgery tomorrow and for your recovery!

Good Wed. morning.  I am up way too early but that's the way it goes sometimes.  Everyone have a good day.  See you in Jeff City.


Morning Ragers!!! Hope everyone has a GREAT day today!!

Mary & Jim Goodman
Mountain flower=We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers and hope for a successful speedy recovery.
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