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Mike B

Have a GREAT day!

Mike Garlock
Good Morning Everyone,

    Another quiet Morning here in NY I could get used to this Weather.  We have a Funeral this Morning my High School Coach passed.  The last few Years I reconnected with him and we made trips to SD & ND pheasant Hunting.  If you plan it right you can even see the Queen of Bluegrass perform in Nebraska on a trip like that.  Brenda's Christmas Present is Tickets to the Play "Wicked" and this afternoon is the day, so she is taking her friend Tracey since I'm not enculturated enough for that.  Lynn and I are going to drop them off at the Theater in Syracuse then go up on the Hill to Syracuse University and watch SU beat WV at a watering hole.  Now that sounds like a plan!  Everyone have a great day.  Mike G.
Mike B

Mike G - wish I were closer...I would join you!  No plans at all for me until tonight.  My daughter has an Honors Band concert tonight.  Only three more weeks until NASCAR cranks up again at Daytona.  On February 20th, I will be doing the Dale Jarrett Driving School at Talladega Superspeedway.  170+ mph!  I can't wait!!!

Good Morning Ragers!!
Morning Folks!

I've gotta get some studying in today before watching the Saints game.  I'm VERY nervous about this game because of the way we've played lately.  We've never made it past the 2nd round of playoffs before so I hope we win today and break that streak.

Y'all have a great day!


GOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING ALL RAGERS ON THIS BEAUTIFUL PLANET!!!!!!!!!!! I'm am VERY happy if you couldn't tell! ;P It's 50 degrees!!!!!!!!! And ALL the snow is melting away!!!!!!! YAY FOR WARM WEATHER!!!!!!!!! lol. Have an AWESOMELY  WARM WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!

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