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Good saturday morning to all in rager land !  Does any one know how it went down last night at Jefferson city with Rhonda and the Rage? was just wondering if they won any awards!


Hi Ken, the awards in Jefferson City are tonight but Rhonda and the Rage aren't up for any awards there.  It was a very good show last night down there and a good crowd.


Thanks Carolyn! Maybe I missed understood what the web site said there in jefferson city, about the nominated in different area's   my bad!!

Mary & Jim Goodman
Hi Ken, they were local talent nominations. The big talent draws were our Rhonda & the Rage for Fri night and Nothing Fancy Sat. There was some pretty good local talent performing also and a lot of jamming. You missed a good indoor festival, I know that's pretty far from where you live. Hope to see ya somewhere soon! Hi Bettie!
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