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Rhonda & The Rage

We're at Kuss Auditorium at Clark State University in Springfield, Ohio.   Join us tonight at 8pm for a


Todd Castle
I'm so there! I bought my tickets the day they went on sale and seeing you live is a dream come true. I first seen you on the Grand Ole Opery and I was blown away by your musicianship and you stage energy. Needless to say, I've been hooked on you since. I'm sure your performance will be everything I dreamed. I wish I could get my picture taken with you.

Todd Castle

Rhonda wish we could be there tonight in Ohio sure enjoyed last night in jeff city.
Thanks Jimmy G!!!  If you get this message....will you please bring my coat home??  I forgot it in Jeff yesterday. 
Whitey/ Linda
Wow! Gary, Ohio put it on Wis., and we lost another one, that makes 3 in a row, i know Purdue will get it figured out! we have a great ball team just struggling right now.
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