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Mike B
Got our tickets from Mr. Davis...ready to see The Queen of Bluegrass and many other GREAT artists at Fulton, MS in March.  Hope to see you again too, Mrs. Carolyn!  If you want a great lineup in an awesome venue, Davis Events Center at Itawamba Community College is THE place you need to be!
Have a nice day!
Mike Garlock

Morning South!

Good Morning!
Mike B

Good morning East and Madame Fan Club President!  Have y'all thawed yet, Prez?

Mike Garlock
Hey Mike B.,

   It's up to 8 degree's now and that feels like a heat wave!  Mike G.

Hello South, East and Prez.  In the north it's 17 degrees F, with no snow in the forecast until Wednesday, and then it's suppose to be less than half an inch.  Hardly any snow this year.  Somehow things got reversed.
Brrrrrr.....It's up to 20 this morning   It was 13 when I woke up so I guess we're moving in the right direction, just not fast enough for me  But two weeks from now.....I'll be CRUISING!!!!!!
Mike B

Crazy ain't it?!  Nashville has a foot of snow and Canada has none.  This sounds like a good question for "Dear Herby"!


Julia ... you'll be Cruisin' and SINGIN".
Mike B, your right, a great question for Dear Herby.
Mike G, 8 degrees, you must have your pool open by now.
Mike B

I don't know about Mike G's pool, but I grilled 4 racks of baby-back ribs outdoors in 28 degree temp with light snow yesterday afternoon.  YUMMY!

Thanks Don, but I'll let the singing to Rhonda and the website to me
Mike Garlock
Hi Mike B.,

    Brenda thought I should Grill Out last night too.  The only good thing was everytime I went out to check on the food I brought in a Arm load of Firewood.  Now that was multi-taskin'.  Mike G.
Whitey/ Linda
Good Morning to you all, hope you have a great day.  Wish I was going cruising with you Julia! Maybe someday, I will have to blindfold Whitey though to get him on the boat lol.
Have a great day all.  Linda  
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