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Will Williams needs our prayers.  Many of you may have met him on our Bluegrass Crusie.  He also made the banjo Kenny Ingram plays.   Great man with a tremendous love for bluegrass.  

Here's a note from Raynae Redman:   Will Williams had open heart surgery yesterday when they found a leaking valve and an aneurysm on the artery exiting his heart. The aneurysm was huge at 5 1/2 inches and the valve was leaking terribly so he had to have emergency open heart surgery real quick. Our daughter is a Dr working the cardiac ICU unit in Provo, Ut.  She found a surgeon specializing in this type of surgery in our area; and they went in in time. His surgery was 1/29/2010.  His wife asked that I get ahold of you and all of his music friends to let them know that he's doing great. He was sitting up on the side of his bed within hours of his surgery and they are moving out of the ICU unit this morning. He'll be eating solids again today and they want him walking by this afternoon. Gail said his color is good and he's cracking jokes already so he's doing wonderful. She wanted me to thank everyone for the prayers in his behalf and ask that he be remembered in prayers as he continues to heal now.  Thanks Raynae
Wow he is a lucky man!  I will keep Will in my prayers for a quick recovery!
WOW! 5.5 inches is insane! What a blessing it is that he's doing so well and that they caught it.

My prayers go out to Will and his entire family!

Blessed is what he is-somebody up there was in charge.
I had 4 bypasses 14 years ago, with a 2% chance.
Hope He does well also !
Mary G

My best wishes to Will and hope his recovery is progressing well. My dad had an aneursym that size and the surgery several years ago. That is quite a hard surgery.

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