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Mike B
Looks like a stormy day ahead for us.  I can see the lightening and hear the thunder in the distance....round two is still several hours to the West. 
Have a nice, SAFE day!
Mike Garlock
Good Morning Mike B. & Ragers Worldwide,

    A little Rain for us today the Apple Farmers are trying to get all the Brush out of the Orchards from Trimming and Mother Nature is making it tuff.  High of 31 tomorrow that will feel like Winter again.  Saturday is our big Bluegrass Show here I'm trying to get all the little thing done, but I'm just a little nervous.  Everyone have a good day!  Mike G.

jim G.

Good Morning MIKES how are ya?  Have a Great Day!

Good Morning Ragers!
Morning guys and gal!

The weekend is so close I can feel it! Looking forward to getting tomorrow's exam over with so I can study for Monday's. LOL This semester is coming to an end soon, and I've never been more happy about it! It has been absolutely insane! 6 more weeks left!

Y'all have a great day!


Morning Ragers! It's a little stormy here this morning as well! Good luck with the exams Courtney!!!! Hope everyone has a great day!!!!

Whitey & Linda

Good Morning Mike B., rain here today also, hope we all have a good, and see you soon at a Rhonda V. show       Linda

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