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Julia and Richard
Very sad story coming out of WV.  25 coal miners are dead and 4 missing in an explosion at a mine about 30 miles south of Charleston.  Our prayers are with those who are still trapped, hoping they can be found alive, and to all of the families who lost loved ones, and for quick recoveries for those who were injured.
This is such a sad story. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by this tragic event.
Whitey & Linda

So sad for the miners and there families, my heart and prayers are with them.    Linda

Louis Gentile
My heart fill prayers goes out to the miners and their family it is so sad that has to happen
to good hard working people the Miners

So sad. Just heard about it on the news.  Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone surrounding this tragedy.

Sad news indeed, I shall remember them in my prayers.


Very sad time for state of WV & the nation.

Many of us take for granted having electricity without realizing it comes from coal fired power plants & it takes miners in different parts of country working in coal mines daily to produce it.    Hats off to those brave souls.

The last I heard there were only 6 dead... so sad to hear that so many others lost their lives as well. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families.
Robert Hall

 "Where the sun comes up...about 10 in the morning..
 And the sun goes down...about 3 in the day...
And you fill your cup,with whatever bitter brew your drinkin..
And you spend your life digging coal...from the bottom of your grave..

I was just listening to that haunting song, a few hours ago...then heard the tragic news on TV about the mine explosion...my heart and prayers go out to those affected by this tradgety..

Rhonda,God bless you for supporting our troops!..

Something I read the other day I fully agree with :
"If you dont stand behind our troops,please feel free to stand in front of them"!..
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