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Mike B

Have a nice day!

jim G.

Good Morning Mike B. Rhonda, and all Ragers, last day of work for me this week, going to see RHONDA this weekend! CAN'T WAIT

Good Morning Mike, Jim and Ragers everywhere!
Good Morning!

I can't keep my eyes open. Stayed up too late studying. The people in my class all feel the same way and we all have started skipping classes that we don't need to go to in order to study and/or catch up on sleep. hahaha It's the only way to survive it seems, but I love every minute of it.

Y'all have a great day!

Mike Garlock
Good Morning Everyone,

    Going to be 70 here today.  Off to Work to try and help the Farmers keep everything running.  It's a little stressful for everyone this time of Year.    Enjoy the Day!  Mike G.
Morning Ragers! Have a great day!

Whitey & Linda

Good Morning Mike B., and all ragers, looks like rain here today but, very warm I will take the heat lol.   See some of you this week-end, Tammy can't wait to meet you, love meeting ragers from the message board.   Linda

Robert Hall
Nice morning here,its 79 degrees,might get up to 85-90 today!..first time since last September or August we have been that warm here..I'm ready!..

--the flood waters have receeded, and the rivers are back in their banks,but still running very high--FEMA is here assesing the damages to roads ,bridges and homes in the area..--many got wiped right out and a lot of closed roads and detours still,and will likely be that way for quite some time till repairs or new bridges can be built..
--many homes on my street have had pumps running constantly for a week now,trying to empty out the 5+ feet of water that got into their basements and cellars..we got lucky ,only our carpets got wet,no real damage,but mold will likely be a problem later..

The stretch of highway nearby closed when the Taunton river overflowed its banks finall re-opened sunday afternoon,only one lane though--sewage trucks were busy cleaning up the silt and pumping the water back into the river..I had a doctor appointment right where the flooding was the worst monday,and I ended up parking 1/8 of a mile awayat a Rite-Aid drugstore. and walking the rest of the way,traffic was gridlocked!..it smelled awful,I guess the river had a lot of waste water mixed in with it..

Well,I'd better get outside and enjoy the weather,it wont last but one day,going to cool off some and maybe some rain Friday,that we dont need..seasonal temps and sunshine this weekend though..hope everyone has a good day..

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