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What does everyone have planned for the weekend?  Looks like several will be ragin' this weekend!  Have fun and be safe everyone!
We don't have anything too exciting planned here.  It is supposed to be beautiful here, but I'm trying to avoid the pollen as much as I can.  I have several pages of scrapbooking that I would like to get done.  If we get really adventurous we may go to Wal-Mart and Arby's!
Have a WONDERFUL weekend! 
Well I've gotten a whole three pages of scapbooking done.  I'm moving like a snail!  Any Ragers that like to scrapbook?  I haven't been scrapping for very long.  My first Rhonda concert was my very first page.  Great way to start!
Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Hey Megan!!! Well...Friday night we didn't have anything planned, but we found out my friend's grandpa died:'(. Please keep them in your prayers! And Saturday we went to the Summersville Seniors Center and my parents played music ALL day...of course I played once or twice..LOL. But then I went up to the gym and shot some hoops with my friends and made 2 ONE HANDED SHOTS!!!!!! WOOOHOOO!!! LOL. Now I'm gettin' ready to head to church!! How about that for a weekend??? ;P

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