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It's almost the WEEKEND!!!  And right after the weekend is the WEDDING!!!  
Mike Garlock
Good Morning Julia & Ragers,

     Everyone have a great day!  Mike G.

Mike B
Good morning Julia, Mike and ALL Ragers!  Finally got an answer about my back yesterday.  The MRI revealed a facet cyst on my L5 vertebra.  That is great news, because the Dr. initially thought I had a herniated disc.  I will undergo a simple procedure in the office this morning that should reduce and hopefully eliminate the cyst.  Wish me luck!


That's great news Mike!  I hope the procedure goes well and that you're feeling great again soon!

Whitey & Linda

Good Morning Julia and all ragers, Mike B., so happy for you, great news!! My son hasn't heard when his surgery is yet! but he knows that is what it will be. Hope you all have a good day.   Linda

jim g

Good Morning ALL have a great day!


 Mike B, I'm so glad you got good news about your back!

Y'all have a great day!  
Hi All,
 Will be Good to see you All Again At The Fan Club Party..
  26 More days.
Mike B

Update:  My procedure was a little uncomfortable, but very effective.  I got a steroid shot in my spine and that did the trick.  Not sure if it fixed the problem, but at least it doesn't hurt!  Back to work tomorrow.

Mike Garlock

Great news Mike B.  Don't over do it tomorrow!  Now that Steroid Shot will probley keep you out of the "Rager Hall Of Fame" unless you prove Yourself and go on the next Bluegrass Criuse and Sally Mountain!  Mike G.

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