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Rhonda, those pictures are truly amazing. Our prayers are with all those in Nashville and the surrounding area. Clark

Mike B



When I first heard of downtown Nashville being flooded, I thought of the homeless people who lived underneath the bridge.  I stayed at the Days Inn the last time I went to Nashville, and when you walk on the right side of the bridge (when you head toward the Riverfront Park Stages), I saw homemade tents below the bridge where the trees are.  I wonder if they got any warning of the rising water....????


Praying for the people. We  had flooding about 4 yrs ago.The outside of our home town & the lake area. It was bad.  This just break my heart.


That is so sad!

Whitey & Linda
Rhonda, that is so sad, Whitey and I still talk about how close we came to being in that "much worse" than we were! I still can't believe what I saw, while driving through there, and to think what happened shortly after we got out Sun., just so thankful to the good Lord above, and we do pray for all those people in Nashville.
Gary Kennedy
This is all so heart breaking.  The last one especially got to me, probably because I've had the privilege of attending the Grand Ole Opry six times.  I'm sure it's just a bizarre coincidence that the great RHONDA VINCENT happened to be playing the Opry every time that I was there! 

I'll never forget the big Rager reunion after the 2006 IBMA Awards Show, when Rhonda won her seventh consecutive Female Vocalist of the Year award.  Everyone else had cleared out, but of course, the Ragers stayed until they had to practically throw us out.   We were all gathered exactly where this photo shows the pews under water.  I remember that Rhonda came out to talk to everybody (imagine that!).  I know that a lot of you were there that night, so I'd better not try to list everyone.  However, one special memory is that Poppop was standing right there with us.

After that, we all went over to the Ernest Tubbs Midnight Jamboree for a great show hosted by the amazing RHONDA VINCENT and the RAGE

Precious memories, how they linger.
CT Strickland Jr.
WOW!...Like I said I heard of some flooding but had no idea of this until last day or so.  Prayers for all involved.


I didn't realize that the damage was so extensive. These pictures are hard to believe. It is upsetting to see the Opryland Hotel in such a state. I have stayed there on many occasions and I am always amazed by its unique blend of Southern hospitality and opulence.  I am saddened by this, but I am confident that the good people of Nashville will recover and restore the grandeur of the "Athens of the South".
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