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jimmy G.

Good Morning Rhonda, Rage, and all Ragers have a great day!

Whitey & Linda

Good Morning Jim and all ragers have a great day.   Linda

Mike Garlock
Good Morning Jimmy G. & Linda,

    What happen to Mike B.?  He couldn't get out of Bed?  Mike G.

Finally got to do something I've wanted to do since school let out....sleep in on my day off. 10 hours of sleep should do the trick.

Y'all have a great day!

Mike B
Good afternoon y'all!  I didn't sleep in this morning...I was paying my Mother's bills and taking care of her business for the month.  Mornings are my quiet time - no kids, no wife, no noise - just coffee and this message board.  Simply ran out of time. 
Have a nice evening!
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