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OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! I feel like I haven't been on here in AGES!!!! I'm really staring to miss you guys!!! :'( lol. So I thought I'd drop a note to say hey while I can!! Just in case I won't be able to get on chat tonight, it doesn't look like we are gonna get to go to Sally Mountain. It would be really nice to meet some of yall but it doesn't look like it's gonna happen this year. BUT, you might see me at the Jeruselem Ridge festival this fall!!!!!!!! I get to play on stage with Carolina Rose!!!! She has invited me to play with her in her band!!! I'm VERY happy!!! LOL. Well I hope to get to talk to you guys soon!!! I truly love you all!!!!!!! (:

That is really cool Savannah! I hope you'll be able to play with her.  

Thanks girl!!! Heart ya!!!!! (:


WOW! That's so cool! Isn't she like Bill Monroe;s daughter or something??? That's awesome Savannah!!! I hope you have a wonderful time!!!!

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