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earl austin
I was at the nursing home today taking a break from chores and having lunch with THE BRATT in her room when she gave me the remote. Having Dish Network and they having cable, I wasn't used to the channels and started flipping channels when I noticed they were getting to start a race. Sherri hates NASCAR but knowing I'd be leaving in a little while she put up with it.

 As they were introducing the chaplain for the invocation I saw Rhonda next to him and said to Sherri, "Well, Look who's standing next to the minister apparently getting ready to sing The National Anthem (honestly I had forgotten about her doing it)!"

Sherri piped up, "Yeah it looks like someone from "The Red Green Show"!

I got to make sure I'm up tonight to see which one of the guys Rhonda has a resemblence to

Sadly, Sherri was being serious and sadly all too often it isn't just Sherri's body that is breaking down



Earl,  I hope the resemblance wasn't to Harold Green!!!
earl austin

Well she would be more feminine looking if she was thinking she resembled Harold (and less facial hair) than if she thought she looked like Red!


Earl, I watched the singing of the National Anthem at NASCAR today, and I have no idea which Red Green character she could possibly resemble.
earl austin
The last line of my post says it all: "Sadly it isn't just the body that is breaking down these days..."
   I told Sherri tonight I posted her "response to my question". She remembered saying that, but can't remember what she was thinking when she said that...She has days where she has very little motor skills and she has days when she's very incoherent or doesn't make sense. On a bad day these are days instead of a few moments. On a worse day, these moments last all day long. On a HORRIBLE day both happen all or most of the day simultaneously. Worst of all, they are happening with more frequency.

Still it was too good a response NOT to post Hope everybody got a good laugh


Earl, I did get a good laugh ... just picturing all of those characters on the Red Green Show.
earl austin
First I'm glad to find out I'm not the only one who enjoys "sophisticated" "upscale" "intelligent" television shows like "The Red Green Show"

Second, I have learned from previous situations (but it's harder when it's your spouse vs a parent or friend) to take a moment after your initial "Oh Dear God..." or  brief cry to appreciate the humor. If I didn't I'd be going through a lot of Jack Daniels and even more down the road.
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